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The mission of the P.A.R.S. Prevention Program is to equip this generation and community with the truth, empower them to make healthy choices, and ensure a future of high confidence, self-worth, and the ability to maximize their potential. P.A.R.S.’s staff has a heart for youth and our community. We want them to experience healing, friendship, goal setting, and the ability to make good decisions. Our passion is unwavering and we are committed to build resiliency towards substance abuse.

Programming is evidence-based, the primary focus is individual decision making with respect to socially appropriate behaviors. Prevention programming includes substance abuse prevention education for elementary, middle and high school youth. P.A.R.S. uses evidence-based curriculums such as Botvin LifeSkills, Second Step, Too Good for Drugs, and Project Alert. We also utilize the SAMHSA Building Blocks program to educate children 5-13yrs on the importance of self-worth, positive and nurturing internal experiences and empowerment. We also provide education and training to those professionals who work with youth.

For additional information please contact us at 740-420-9490 or admin@parsohio.org.

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How many squares do you see?

On average most people look at these squares and see 16 or 17 squares not allowing themselves to think any deeper. We need to educate ourselves on considering all of the alternative choices and the consequences before making a decision. When looking at these squares closer one can find up to 30 different squares. Thinking deeper about decisions we make allows us to make the most productive choices for our life rather than the easiest. It take an average of 3-5 seconds to make a decision, ask yourself next time you make a decision if you are thinking 30 squares deep. Answer: 30